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Teaching Math A+ Style

Using the creative process to teach long division to this student, this A+ Fellow creates a positive learning environment that caters to the way he learns best.

Fellows Talk About AR A+ Schools

Arkansas A+ Schools whole school reform model transforms public, private and charter schools into places where all students can learn and find their confidence. Each child’s learning style is catered to through the creative instruction methods taught by the A+ Fellows. Fellows are art teachers, drama teachers, math teachers, principals and all type of artists from visual, performing, music, creative writing, poetry and any other creative medium.

2012 Summer Institute

This video reports on two teachers attending the A+ Summer institute in 2012. Both were nervous before going into the training because they did not know what to expect. Both teachers were convinced in the possibilities of the A+model to enrich their students ability to learn and to become excited about learning.

A PD Development

This video reports on how A+ on-site training take place. A+ Fellows take several approaches depending on the type of professional development training is needed by the principal and faculty at that particular time in that particular school. Every minute of training time is planned and customized to the needs of the school.


Cost Comparisons

This video discusses the cost comparison of the A+ whole school reform model with Arkansas school districts as examples.


Using the Arts to Synthesize Student Understanding

November 1, 2016

Arts integration is more than an afterthought. You can use the arts to both meet your arts standards and deepen academic learning.

“Arts integration is about reaching as many students as you can,” explains Sharma. “Being able to have that tactile experience of flinging paint at the paper, or pouring paint down a paper to see how gravity works, it connects what they’ve learned in art to their everyday experiences, instead of just that one classroom experience.”

Arkansas A+ Schools: What a Difference the Arts Make!

Sept/Oct 2016

A high school chemistry class focuses on chemical reactions by making their own pigments and using these colors to create individual works of art.

This is an example from an Arkansas school using the A+ method of integrating arts throughout the curriculum. There are many schools around Arkansas integrating these ideas.

Molina Foundation Book Grant

May 20, 2014

The Molina Foundation and Arkansas A+ Schools are tackling the “summer reading slide” together. The Molina Foundation has just announced a grant of more than 5,500 new children’s books to eight Arkansas A+ Schools across the state.

Arts-Infused Curriculum Unlocks Students’ Academic Potential

December 2013

Tobie Sprawls’ third grade class at Hugh Goodwin Elementary in El Dorado is quiet but busy. “We’re making earphone cups,” explains Deundra in the front row. “To see if we can hear through them,” adds his tablemate, Miranda. Working together, the students build rudimentary telephones using plastic cups connected by string. Then, Ms. Sprawls asks them to make a hypothesis: will the cup-phones work?

Arkansas A+ Puts Art in Academics

January 2, 2013

In a sixth-grade math class in the Delta, students are making quilts. They’re cutting squares from colorful patterned paper and folding them to make triangles or rectangles. They’ve measured the squares to make sure they’re 3 inches on a side, because if they don’t make their squares right, the quilt will be off. They’re alternately laughing and concentrating, filling a larger square with their shapes to create their own designs. When they get a bit rowdy, Annette Butler claps her hands three times and the kids stop and clap back. Things settle down again.

How Great Is Art?

November 2012

The A+ movement says arts instruction is a key to academic achievement and has numbers to back its case. Story: It would be hard to tell if the walls at North Little Rock’s Pike View Elementary School needed painting because they are covered with student artwork – of world maps, representations of favorite books, drawings of the mythological figure Medusa, and other lessons learned in class. Meanwhile, Dayna Maloch’s second graders are working with art teacher Megan Ruggles to learn a variety of concepts. To understand habitats, they’ve constructed nature scenes using folding Styrofoam lunch boxes. …