Overview of Implementation of the A+ Model

We have simplified the entire process of designating as an A+ School into six steps. This is intended to only be a rough outline of what it takes to join our network.

Step One — Application

Any Arkansas school (public, private, charter, elementary, middle school or high school) can go through our application process. Schools must have an 85% commitment of their faculty and staff before submitting a final application. Please visit the HOME TAB and scroll down to BECOME A MEMBER section for more information.

Step Two — Selection

Schools will be selected by the UAA+ Selection Committee to join the network based upon funding, need and commitment of individual school faculties and staff. Five to 10 schools can be added to the network every year.

Step Three — Training

During the initial five-day Summer Institute, A+ Fellows train all member schools on how to operate within the framework of the eight A+ Essentials. At least 85% of a school’s staff must attend the training in order to achieve whole school transformation.

Step Four — Implementation

After the first Summer Institute, member schools are functioning A+ Schools with access to the entire network of resources. Schools collaborate around curriculum, mapping the instruction so that interdisciplinary concepts emerge that encourage cross-curricular integration, and the use of multiple learning pathways to structure learning opportunities for students.

Step Five — Ongoing Professional Development

As long as a school is a member of the network with a commitment to the A+ Essentials, they receive on-site customized training by the A+ Fellows and schools continue to attend trainings at additional summer conferences. Schools are not considered fully implemented until they have three years of professional development training.

Step Six — Research

Research by UAA+ higher education partners document changes in the climate of A+ Schools that foster an engaging learning environment. Researchers ensure that the infrastructure in member A+ schools supports common planning time, shared vision and faculty commitment to the goal of schools that work for everyone.